For Fans!

First of all, THANK YOU!


Writing the best books I can (and publishing them professionally) is incredibly challenging, but hearing people rave about my characters and exciting stories makes it worth it. I really wouldn’t be doing this without you. ♥

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I publish this newsletter-thing at You can actually read all my past writings before signing up–or at any time, really, and it’s free. Authors don’t usually go this route, but I’m not like most authors.

I’ll never sell or SPAM your email, but do note that I write about things other than fiction. In Matto’s Meadows, you can subscribe to various topics, or unsubscribe from them at any time. No stress, no worries.

Please chat with me on Discord!


I have a discord server you could use to connect with me, but please keep in mind that my readers aren’t the only people that can join. Zen people, poets, crazy art people (good crazy), crazy crazy people (it is the internet), and others may be in there with you. Check it out, if you dare, here.