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Discord Chat Invitation!!!

Discord is a free app that lets people chat together, and I have my own server there where fans of mine can chat with each other, and when I’m available, with me! It’s pretty cool, and until I get more popular, it’s also pretty easy to connect with me on there 😉

Check it out at, and follow this link to join my server:





Spotify Playlists!!!

I listen to music pretty much all the time while I work, and most of that time it’s on Spotify. You can follow or add me as a friend with this link: I make playlists for my projects sometimes, and I’d love to share them with you!

First up is a playlist without words that I can write to. It’s electronica, and while it’s energetic, it never distracts me. You might like it! It’s called Crushing Electronica, because it’s what I like to crush to!

I’m working on a Trashy Romance playlist, but it’s not ready yet.

I’ve got a playlist for each Infinite Vampire book, including one for the series! INFINITE VAMPIRE | SOPHIA’S JOURNAL | BLOOD 4 LIFE | QUEEN’S GAMBIT | MAELSTROM | ANTIVENOM. (I also have a playlist where I ‘tryout’ the songs to see if they’re up to snuff. That one’s here!

Trashy Romance Wallpaper!

I’m working SO HARD and AS FAST AS I CAN to get everything ready to publish my Trashy Romance books, and I don’t have much to put here yet.

I do, however, have this sexy desktop wallpaper! Get it and my other wallpapers in the Wallpaper gallery!

It’s okay, we’ll get through this… You can help: tell me what kind of thing you’d like to see here, and while I’m finishing up the site (and adding the content to this page), I’ll work on it!

Email me your ideas at, or message me on social media. I’m @MLorrox, pretty much everywhere.

Thanks for your patience–I swear this page will be filled with goodies for you as soon as possible! -Matto


Disclaimer: this is horror, vampire, zombie, etc. themed, part of the Infinite Vampire series (not romance!)

Downloads (~16 megabytes):



Infinite Vampire Wallpapers!

Want some awesome?

Get some awesome!


Short Stories!

These shorts are little experiments of mine, to play with plot, presentation, style, or just because I had a story in my head that I wanted to explore. None are really ‘published’ and they’re just for fun. I hope you like them! Let me know what you think on Twitter! (@MLorrox)



This is linked under the Infinite Vampire tab. Please go there. 🙂


The Boundary

Initially created to play with story presentation, this short in interspersed with the telling of a creation/apocalypse myth. Download the .pdf!


Life Blood 4: Infinity Demon

I wrote this to be an Easter egg for the Infinite Vampire series… In QUEEN’S GAMBIT, characters find, and buy, a book of this title in a bookshop. It’s a play on Infinite Vampire: Blood 4 Life, and is supposedly written by Eddy! Check it out where he posted it, on Wattpad (the little scamp!).


Upcoming Stories:

The White Flowers in the Square

A mind-bendy little thang with sci-fi overtones.



An experiment in narrative voice…thang.


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