I’ve been writing for a good while, but I want to explore the craft and expand my skills. At the advice of a good friend, I’m going to blog about my writer’s journey and about what I learn.

One area I’ve not played with much, is writing shorts. I certainly read less shorts than novels, but I’m a huge fan of comics and graphic novels. I really like the portion of story you can receive from them, and how your imagination can go wild with filling in some of the “missing” detail of the story.

I’m also interested to learn about the craft from other writers, past and contemporary. The wealth of knowledge and experience they have, and have shared through memoirs and treatises on the craft of writing, will surely help guide me along my writer’s journey.

So, this is my intention: to learn, to write, and to learn to write better… and to share. For the knowledge that others share with me will help shape my work, and maybe someday my works and words will help to shape others.