Indie Publishing

My Author Platform 2.0

I recently decided to rebuild my website and platform. I had been using a simple WordPress site and had been paying a significant monthly fee for an email list management / bulk sending provider. I have a hosting plan and I can install WordPress on my sites, so...

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Changes Ahead

In January, 2019, we realized that our house had old termite damage that wasn't disclosed, an active termite infestation, and a lot of water entering the house and causing damage. This significantly impacted the home renovation timeline, and I put a lot of my personal...

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Amazon Advertising, take…23?

I’ve tried Amazon Advertising a lot, and I just tried it again. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! At first I let Amazon place the ads, and that didn’t result in any sales. I tried where I placed the ads, but that didn’t work either (although I did get 1 sale). I’m...

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