I’m not going to lie; I thought the idea of a sexy romance story–a trashy romance story, I should say–involving a trash collection worker was hilarious. So, I toyed with the idea of writing such a story by developing some character profiles. I got more and more excited, and I realized that I really loved the characters I made. I wanted them to succeed in their world, even though it was an uphill battle. This funny notion turned into a story, then into a novel, and finally into a series.

The first novel, Trashy Romance – Curbside Pickup, is a stand alone novel scheduled for publication on 11/15/2020 (it’s available as an ARC until then, here.. Most of the characters are progressive or sex-positive, some are queer, and some are non-monogamous. In addition to the romance elements (and the super-hot sex scenes), there’s also some violence, suspense, and action in the story… All the things I thought would truly color a romance ‘Trashy!’ But, more than anything, it’s filled with loads of love. 😉

Here’s some marketing copy I wrote–hopefully it does a nice job of encapsulating what the series, book, and my narrator-voice is like.

‘Trashy Romance’ series blurb:

Trashy Romance is a scorching, blue-collar, sex-positive, LGBTQ+ inclusive contemporary romance series, where trashy fun meets heart & soul, and it doesn’t stop after a single happy ending. Set in a grittier, sexier version of Raleigh, North Carolina, heat in the sheets is matched with crime in the streets, and few are spared from the pain and passion that keeps the pages of these stories turning!

‘Trashy Romance – Curbside Pickup’ novel blurb:

When Jackie kicks her boyfriend to the curb, sexy garbageman Luke Montero is there to help her take out the trash… But can he also help her throw away her preconceptions about sex? Can she show him that he’s more than a hot night of sweaty fun? …If only their relationship wasn’t complicated by a dangerous man and a dangerous plan. Find out who’s left standing when the dust settles and who’s on their back, breathing heavy with their eyes closed.

!!! I love it, and I can’t help but smile whenever I think about it. As a queer and non-monogamous author, this series has special importance to me. Add in that I’m cis-male and writing contemporary romance, I’m definitely an outlier in the group. I know that I’m going to have a hard time succeeding in this genre, but I’m pretty F-ing stubborn. Besides, I write stories that I’d want to read, and I know I’m not the only one like me. I’ve just got a little uphill battle of my own to find the others.

So, that’s the deal! The first novel, Trashy Romance – Curbside Pickup is being released 11/15/2020, the second a month later on 12/15/2020, and the third, about two months later, on 2/14/2021. I’ve got another four novels in the series in development, but they won’t be ready until mid-late 2021.

I’d LOVE to (respectfully) talk about the series, the novels, and the launch! I’m @MLorrox pretty much everywhere. Thanks for reading! -Matto (AKA M. Lorrox)