A while ago, I started the process of registering Trademarks for the Infinite Vampire series. I’ve registered word-mark trademarks in the past, but for this book series, I registered 3 trademarks:

  1. Infinite Vampire (word-mark)
  2. (The Infinite Vampire Logo) (image-mark)
  3. M. Lorrox (word-mark)

The first two are like any other series trademark, Jurassic Park, for example. But the third trademark requires some explanation. You see,if you search “Stephen King” on Amazon.com, you find many books by the famous author, but you’ll also find many other books by other authors writing under the name “Stephen King.” If you click on one of those, you’ll likely see something similar as the first review: ‘This isn’t by the real Stephen King.’

The losers in this situation are the reader and the famous author, but mostly just the reader. The winners are Amazon.com and the other,non-famous author chaps publishing under the name Stephen King.

No, I’m not that famous, or any famous, but someday I hope my work to be, and so because I’m the only person writing under my name right now, I trademarked it. I’ll admit, it wasn’t straightforward. It was actually tricky, and without the help of my IP lawyer friends, it wouldn’t have happened.

I’m glad I did the work now to safeguard my interests later, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive!