Trashy Romance has Launched!


The first two books in the Trashy Romance series, Trashy Romance: Curbside Pickup, and the sequel, Trashy Romance: Back-Alley Treasure Trove are now on sale!

I started writing the series in early 2019. It’s certainly not a traditional series of romance stories, as the characters are far from traditional, themselves. Some are straight, some are gay or lesbian, and some are queer in different ways. Sometimes relationships are depicted as more traditional and monogamous, while lots of others aren’t and have some progressive elements. These details don’t make the stories trashy to me: I’m queer, pansexual, sex-positive, kinky, and non-monogamous, myself. “Trashy” isn’t meant to be derogatory in any way.

No, these books are TRASHY because they’re a bit ridiculous, have plenty of hot sex, mix in a fair amount of crime and violence, and last but not least, the main reason, actually, is that the stories center around people who work as trash collectors! This is a blue-collar romance series, where nobody’s a F-ing billionaire or has yachts in the Mediterranean or lodges in the Alps a mere helicopter ride away. The characters in these books have common jobs, and they work for a living. They also work hard to find love–something I think we can all relate to.

The books are all a bit different too. The first one includes a pansexual person and someone who is sexually reserved. The second includes a very…*close,* shall we say, group of friends. The third book (which is slated to release in early 2021), follows a polyamorous person as she explores a pair of new relationships at the same time. The book after that is a very traditional gay romance mystery, and so on. There may not be many readers who want to read about all that variety of people looking for love (and having ‘trashy’ fun while they’re at it). But these are the books I want to write. These are the books I want to read, and honestly, writing books that don’t suck is so much work that if I didn’t love my stories, I swear I’d not be doing this.

Younger me would have enjoyed these books, and older me will too. Lots of people will, I know it, but most probably won’t. So you might love one, all, or none of these stories. And that’s okay with me. I’m having a blast, and I hope that I find the readers who’ll have a blast too.