So in the Infinite Vampire books, there’s a certain website referenced:

Well, I had to build it then, didn’t I? (I sure did, and so, I did!)


The name came to be on a cold night in upstate New York, while visiting a friend and enjoying their hot-tub with my brothers

Brother 1: You know, we should make a company that ‘pimps-out’ hot tubs.

Me: Like, pimp-cups but for hot-tubs?

Brother 2: No, like the hot tub has a dedicated pimp-cup remote-control that powers it up, kicks on music, and rotates a selection of cold beers.

Brother 1: Exactly… It needs a really awesome name.

Brother 2: ‘Pimp-Tubs’ doesn’t do it for ya?

Me: Vampire Tubs?

Brother 1: It has to be more epic.

Brother 2: Infinite Awesome?


Brother 1: Huh. I’m not sure what that is, but it’s both epic and awesome…

Brother 2: Yeah, I can’t beat that.


And the rest, as they say, is history. No, Infinite Vampire had a very different destiny than what we imagined that night, but if there’s one lesson from this story, it’s that hot-tubs are cool… (and so is the book series Infinite Vampire!). Check out the site! Hopefully it gives you a laugh.  🙂