I recently finished the first draft of INFINITE VAMPIRE: QUEEN’S GAMBIT!!! Then, I switched back to editing Blood 4 Life. You may remember, because I know that you and your entire group of friends follow my work and progress relentlessly, that after a third or fourth draft of Blood for Life, I paused on it to write the sequel. I decided to do this because I thought that just maybe I would end up wanting to change something in B4L, and I was right. I decided to make some minor changes to a few characters and some details.

So now, I’m editing it, again…

I can’t even figure out how many draft revisions I’ve done at this point, especially of the first few chapters. THEY WERE ROUGH. A big shout out to all those super-supportive ALPHA readers of B4L! They put up with my, lets say, less than professional writing skill. The silver lining, is that I learned to write while writing B4L, and now I’m fixing it BIG TIME. So, that’s a great thing for the story and the series, but damn is it taking forever to finish.

I’m excited to report that I have edited through the most rough, earliest chapters of B4L, and am roughly 40% through the book. The remaining 60% shouldn’t take nearly as long as I’ve spent so far though. After I wrote that first 40%, I took a pause and actually studied how to write AND I had decided on the style of writing that INFINITE VAMPIRE wanted to take.

So, it’s coming, very very very soon!!!