On May 5, 2017, 230 days from today, I’ll be releasing my first novel.

Infinite Vampire: Blood 4 Life

I first started taking notes for the story over 7 years ago, and now, in less than a year from this writing, I’m planning to release 1 novel, then its sequel – hot on its heels… Then the third book before the jets cool, and then the fourth. All within a year of this writing… I’m very excited, but also, I’m uh, more than a little nervous.

“Why so nervous, Precious?” You ask. Because, I’ve never done this before, where ‘this’ is the insane amount of work required to write, publish, and market anything–let alone four, full length novels. 

Also, until today, I’ve always had something else going on in addition to writing; I had a fulltime job, or I was teaching, or consulting, or working on a startup, or this–and that. When I quit/got laid off from my teaching gig over a year ago, I paused on writing because I spent every available moment working side gigs, networking, and applying for jobs. When I started writing again, it continued to be a side-project.

Today that changes. Today I’m doubling down and committing to be a full time author.

I’m going full time (probably double-time, even) on one thing–my writing. If I don’t push incredibly hard, I won’t make my deadlines. If that happens, I won’t achieve my goals, and I won’t accomplish the dream that this effort has become.

I told my family that the next year for me was going to be insane. They understand and support me. Since starting this project, I’ve also read dozens of books on writing and listened to hundreds of podcasts, and so I have an idea, at least, of what I’m getting in to. I’m approaching this alone, nor am I going in blind; and that… is a reasuring thought.

One this is for certain; I’m in for a hell’ova year.