I’ve spent about 5 or 6 weeks of 12 hour days creating my author platform (my internet marketing platform); and the thing is, I DIDN’T START FROM SCRATCH. I already had a start with a couple websites, a blog, and an email list. In hindsight, it would have helped if someone created a nerdy walk-through of this process… In an effort to add smirks to the faces of the faceless internet, I’ll describe this process, in terms of leveling up — as in game levels and experience points! Welcome Player One to the game: The Internet Marketing RPG!

…Hey, you don’t like it? Too bad, it’s -10 XP if you stop reading now. 😀


Hit ‘Eyes-Scan-Down’ to begin.


LVL 1!! (0 XP)

“Hey, I should probably tell poeple about what I’m doing… somehow.”

  • +15 XP: Start a free blog on WordPress.com (but you can save time by setting one up on SiteGround) or a wix site or similar and build a simple page for your project. (+50 XP if you set it a self-hosted website and set up your domain name)
  • +5 XP: Sign up for a free email list provider, such as mailchimp (if you don’t want your followers to see your address, get a PO box).
  • +20 XP: Send an email out to the people you know (from your personal email) telling them about your project and giving them the option to sign up to your email list.
  • +10 XP: Read up on any of the following; SEO, Marketing, Blogging
  • -20 XP: Auto-enroll everyone in your personal email list to your new ‘project’ list.


LVL 2!! (50 XP)

“Social media?”

  • +10 XP: Research available social media platforms, determine which would work best for your project, check yourself that you’ll actively use that network.
  • +5 XP: Every social network you set up for your project. Must completely set up one account to continue.
  • +5 XP: Join groups or follow ‘influencers’ on each of your networks. Accept that you’ll need to be SOCIAL with people in order to NETWORK with them on this SOCIAL NETWORK.
  • +5 XP: Communicate something useful to an influencer.
  • -10 XP: Communicate somthing like “Hey important person, check out my project!”
  • -50 XP: Invite ALL your personal email contacts to follow/join you on any social network.
  • +5 XP: Send a note to your email list thanking them for being awesome, let them know about your new commitment to your social networks, and let them know how to find you on them.


Lvl 3!! (250 XP)

“This is a lot of work, but I’m really excited about my project, so I really want to invest in my platform.”

  • +25 XP: Buy a custom domain name from whoever is managing your website OR…
  • +150 XP: Buy as custom domain from someone like Godaddy, set up/transition a WordPress site to a hosting provider like Site Ground, etc.
  • +25 XP: Research Lead Magnets / Funnels, and come up with ideas on what you could use.
  • +15 XP: For each blog post you add. Make sure you’re using good SEO Principles.
  • -50 XP: Send your email list a note every time you write a post.
  • +5 XP: For each new social network post that doesn’t suck–meaning it’s tailored to the audience on that network and isn’t annoying.
  • +25 XP: Make some promotional material, like business cards! (Moo’s ‘green’ cards are great!)
  • +10 XP: Email your list and ask for their feedback on your site, your project, or something relevant.


Lvl 4!! (500 XP)

“Things are getting serious!”

  • +45 XP: Research options for automated email sending services (I use and love ConvertKit). Choose a service and migrate your list onto them.
  • +55 XP: Create the Lead Magnet content, and make it desirable!
  • +100 XP: Write the automated emails that you’ll send to people when they join your list for the lead magnet.
  • +10 XP: Farm your blog.
  • +10 XP: Update all your social networks.
  • +5 XP: Post relevant things and be social on your social networks.


Lvl 5!! (900 XP)

(roll your sleeves up)

  • +15 XP: Add a Lead Magnet to your site.
  • +25 XP: Set up a bitly account to shorten, but more importantly to TRACK CLICKTHROUGHS to your lead magnet.
  • +10 XP: Add the bitly link with good marketing copy on each of your social networks.
  • +20 XP: Send nice email to your email list with a link for them to access the Lead Magnet content. Give them a link to share to their network if they choose.
  • +10 XP: Farm your blog.
  • +5 XP: Post relevant things and be social on your social networks.
  • +10 XP: For each other person doing something similar (sucessfully) you connect with. If you cannot connect with them directly, study what they do and learn from them.
  • +15 XP: Research website traffic generating activities you can do (scaffolding content, guest post, free stuff, etc). Pick something and plan to do it…
  • +100 XP: Do it.


Lvl 6!! (1,400 XP)

“Whoa, I’m seeing results!”

  • +250 XP: Create a promotion / event that can significantly grow your reach.
  • +250 XP: Dive into Facebook Advertising and be patient.
  • +150 XP: Get interviewed on a relevant podcast.
  • +100 XP: Get interviewed elsewhere on the web (+100 if it’s a big deal to be interviewed by them)
  • +50 XP: Give your email list something awesome.
  • +50 XP: Plan a release of your project! (make a launch plan)
  • +50 XP: Post on your blog what the journey has been like and how thankful you are for your supporters.
  • +50 XP: Drum up anticipation on your social networks


Lvl 7!! (3,000 XP)

“Note to loved ones: You may see very little of me for the next few weeks.”

  • +1000 XP: SLAY THE DRAGON! Or release your project (one or the other)
  • +500 XP: Get interviewed by all the things again.
  • +500 XP: Throw yourself on the feet of your supporters because you couldn’t have done it without them.
  • +100 XP: Spend every extra moment promoting the project.


Lvl 8!! (5,000 XP)


  • +100 XP: Take a vacation that you deserve for your hard work!
  • +100 XP: Continue working hard, coming up with new strategies to promote your project, and taking chances.
  • +100 XP: Plan another project, do activities in promotion of that project!
  • +500 XP: Complete a speaking engagement to help others on this process.


Lvl 9!! (7,500 XP)



So where am I? I’m currently at 1365 XP, meaning I’m only level 5, but I’m so close to level 6! A month ago, I was level 3! Yes, it is a ton of work to play The Internet Marketing RPG, but if it’s your career–you put in the hours.

Wait, you want to join forces by forming a party?!?!?

Awesome! Just message me, or join my email list. -M