I’ve edited Infinite Vampire I: Blood 4 Life about twenty times. I’ve read it probably thirty times, and I’ve sent it out to twenty people to get their feedback on it.

And I paid an editor I found on Reedsy to go through it… WOW. I thought it was clean, and there’s so much RED on my pages it’s almost a like a demon rave or something. Lots of suggestions, and all in all I bet they’ll make the book that much more face-punchingly awesome.

In a couple weeks I’ll finish Infinite Vampire III: Maelstrom, and then I’ll do one last editing pass on Infinite Vampire II: Queen’s Gambit. Then I’ll send it out to editors, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I get as much great feedback as I got on Blood 4 Life!

Just saying, no matter what amount you think you don’t need an editor, you’re that amount wrong.