It’s been a wild year, and I’m glad to say I’m still here fighting the good fight. The last few months I’ve taken a little time for my family, and I’ve stayed a bit out of the spotlight. I did this for them (and for me), because the last year HAS BEEN INSANE.

  • I published a short, illustrated novella and told 10,000 people about it on Facebook. A lot of them told me how much they loved SOPHIA’S JOURNAL.
  • I published my first novel, BLOOD 4 LIFE, then I published my second, QUEEN’S GAMBIT.
  • Then I finished writing my third novel, MAELSTROM, and I published it too. Then I wrote and published my fourth novel, ANTIVENOM.
  • I gave away about $1,500 in prizes, sent out dozens of gift boxes to fans, started a half dozen websites for the series, and released a bunch of Easter eggs out into the wilds of the internet.
  • I published over 500,000 words, and lots of them were decent.

One thing I didn’t do was spam my email list like all the “pros” tell you to. Now, they don’t call it spamming, they call it staying in touch. Well, I guess I’m not good at their version of staying in touch.

Instead, I gave all my fans a little break from my emails. After all, I was taking a break from production, haven’t they earned a break from me too? Alas, part of the reason was that I didn’t have anything to share about Infinite Vampire, so I didn’t.

That’s about to change though. Last year was nuts, and in the last six months I’ve been busy. I’ve been building an audio recording studio to record all those half-million words of the Infinite Vampire series. Who will read them? Why me, myself, and I, of course. I’ve also got a novella in the works, and I hope to finish a first draft of the next Infinite Vampire novel: RELICS.

I’m also working on a Perry Normal comedy series, (get it?), a sci-fi series, am outlining a massively epic fantasy series with a co-author, and also with a co-author, I started a….contemporary romance novel. Don’t worry, my partner in that crime is a great writer and promises to temper my breakneck action scenes and cultivate my inner (insert romance author name here). 😉

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. The Infinite Vampire series has been a dream come true, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my loved ones, my partner Lily (who also read my books way too many times), and my fans and friends who encouraged my online and off.

Thanks to them, I’ve got a busy year ahead of me. Stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath! 😉