Recently, I tweaked the Infinite Vampire series books’ covers and fixed all known typos in them. I ordered sample books, and they look phenomenal, so I’m ordering up another batch to make box sets!

Each set will include all 5 books (SOPHIA’S JOURNAL, BLOOD 4LIFE, QUEEN’S GAMBIT, MAELSTROM, ANTIVENOM), a custom bookmark featuring the trademarked Infinite Vampire logo, a postcard, and a sticker!

Oh, and I’ll autograph each book in the box set!

Because these are printed on demand, the cost per book is high to begin with. I can get a slight discount if I order 10 of each book at a time, but it isn’t a significant savings. I wish I could offer the Series box set for $50, but I just can’t make the numbers work. For now, the box sets will be sold at $75, plus tax and shipping… I know that’s a lot, but it’s the best I can do…

HOLD ON, you’re getting 5 signed, future M. Lorrox Collectors items for less than $100? Damn. Yeah, you should order up now. 😉

(I may be able to offer these at lower prices someday, but that’ll require a huge influx of capitol so I can order a print-run of a few thousand books. Until then, I think they’ll have to stay at $75.)